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The official currency of Slovenia is the euro (€). Cash can be exchanged at banks, post offices and exchange offices; cash withdrawals are also possible at numerous ATMs.

Post office

The post office in the city centre is at: 
Pošta Slovenije Celje
Krekov trg 9, 3101 Celje
Postal code: SI-3000
Phone: 03 424 36 82
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 19.00
Saturday: 8.00 – 12.00
Sunday: closed

Telephone numbers

Slovenia: +386
Celje: 03
Celje Community Health Centre: +386 (0)3 543 40 00
Celje General Hospital: +386 (0)3 423 30 00
Emergency call centre (fire-fighters, ambulance service): 112
Police: 113
AMZS: 1987
TIC Celje, Glavni trg 17, 3000 Celje +386 (0)3 428 79 36
+386 (0)3 492 50 81

Parking in the city

The city centre is intended for pedestrians and therefore closed for traffic. Payable parking spaces are located at designated locations in the blue zone in the city centre and are intended for short-time parking. Parking is payable on weekdays from 6 am to 4 pm and on Saturdays until 10 am. There are also car parks around the city centre, which are payable on weekdays between 6 a.m .and 3 p.m.

Parking garages

Glazija parking garage Ljubljanska 20, 3000 Celje
tel: +386 3 490 15 50
The parking garage is located in the immediate vicinity of Celje General Hospital and operates 24 hours a day.
In addition to covered parking spaces for personal vehicles, there is also a supply station for 2 mobile homes.
Celeiapark parking garage Ljubljanska 20, 3000 Celje
tel: +386 3 490 15 50
It is located in the immediate vicinity of the bus and railway stations and the city centre; open from Monday to Saturday between 6 am. and 10 pm

City transport

Celje has local bus connections to destinations outside the city centre, as well as taxis located in the parking lots in front of the railway station and other parking areas around the city.

Public toilets

In Celje, the public toilet is located at the city farmers’ market and is available during the opening hours of the market. It is also accessible to people with disabilities.

How to reach us

Arrival by car:

If you are coming by car, take the motorway to Celje from the direction of Italy, Austria and Hungary. From Croatia, Slovenia is accessible by local roads.

Arrival by train:

If you are coming to Celje by train, the following regular lines are available:
from the direction of Austria Vienna—Graz—Maribor—Celje
from the direction of Italy Roma—Florence—Villach—Zidani most—Celje
from the direction of Croatia Zidani most—Celje
from the direction of Hungary Budapest—GyorSopron—Wiener Neustadt—Celje

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Arrival by bus:

Regular bus line connections run between all major cities in Slovenia.
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Arrival by plane:

If you are arriving by plane, you will land at Jože Pučnik Airport, from where you can take organized transfers (bus, taxi, rent-a-car) to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. From Ljubljana, take a train or bus to Celje.
Arriving at the destination from the direction:
Zagreb Airport continue by organized bus or rail transport
Vienna Airport continue by organized bus or rail transport
Budapest Airport continue by organized bus or rail transport

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Distances between cities:

Celje – Ljubljana 71 km
Celje – Trieste 200 km
Celje – Venice 350 km
Celje – Milan 620 km
Celje – Zagreb 115 km
Celje – Belgrade 500 km
Celje – Budapest 350 km
Celje – Vienna 280 km
Celje – Graz 110 km

Holidays in the Republic of Slovenia:

January 1 New Year
February 8 Prešeren Day, the Slovenian Cultural Holiday
March / April Easter Sunday and Monday
April 27 Day of Uprising Against Occupation
May 1 and 2 May Day Holiday
June 25 Statehood Day
August 15 Assumption Day
October 31 Reformation Day
November 1 Day of Remembrance of the Dead
December 25 Christmas
December 26 Independence and Unity Day
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