Green & Active Celje

City of Celje - an attractive outdoor city destination!

Plan your vacation in Celje for at least three days if you want to experience it all. The rich history of the city (Celje as Troy Secunda during the time of the Romans and the famous dynasty of Celje Counts) and attractive outdoor activities excite visitors at different locations: CELJE'S COTTAGE WITH THE ADVENTURE PARK for all ages; bob-cart track, MTB cycling along fortified forest roads or cycling with electric bicycles!
City Forest with a Tree House - visit the largest tree house in Slovenia! ŠMARTINSKO LAKE – With a local guide explore the world under the water and on the water shore along the educational path "Everything is connected with everything"! But the cherry on the cake for all activities is a break with top-notch local cuisine or lunch in one of the nice restaurants in the old city center - local residents create the lively pulse of the city along with satisfied visitors. Celje also has the SLOVENIA GREEN DESTINATION BRONZE certificate as it actively follows the key development priorities of Slovenian tourism, based on creating a sustainable, environmentally and socially friendly tourist destination.
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