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CELJE COTTAGE - a sports center for all seasons!

The modern 3-star hotel offers accommodation in 11 double rooms, six triple rooms, one apartment for four people and two large mansard rooms with shared beds (30 beds). The hotel also has a wellness center, seminar room, restaurant and terrace, children's corner, ski storage room/bike. The hotel offers free internet and parking. The Celje Cottage area with Pecovnik has a long-standing tourist tradition since the Celje Cottage ski slope and the Celje Cottage mountain hut at 650 m above sea level exists since 1920 and is a prominent tourist spot for recreation in the natural environment. The fast pace lifestyle doesn’t leave much time for relaxation, timeout, and recreation which are essential categories for quality leisure time. For this reason, the proximity of sports terrains and unspoiled nature is crucial. The Celje cottage offers this. It is located just 10 km from the city.
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Adventure park & bob-cart track for adrenaline packed fun!

The nature-friendly adventure park is anchored between trees on Celje cottage. Polygons for all age groups offer the possibility of all-around recreation and getting to know the environment differently. The park consists of three tracks of different difficulty levels with a total of 32 training elements that promise an adventure for all types of adrenaline enthusiasts. The summer toboggan bob-cart run spreads along the slopes of the Celje Cottage ski area. The 800 m long track offers both daring downhill and leisurely run, but certainly a boost to the beat and a lot of fun. You can ride alone or with your child. Bob-cart, The Celje Racecar, is the first to follow this kind of toboggan run in Slovenia. On the track, you can reach the maximum speed of 40 km/h. The ride lasts on average for 2 minutes, depending on the speed of the ride.
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Cycling & Hiking

Celje cottage is part of the Posavje hills. The area defines six distinct peaks and four valleys. The peaks are Tolst (834 m above sea level), Ramanco (781 m above sea level), Vipota (532 m above sea level), Grmada (718 m above sea level), Bavč (692 m above sea level), and Srebotnik (700 m above sea level). The Pečovnik valley with the Pečovniški potok spreads between Tovst, Grmado and Vipoto. The whole area is intertwined with marked mountain trails.
Hiking trails are suitable for families, individuals or recreation. Depending on your fitness and the time available, you can:
  • Climb to Grmada, where you will find a bell of desire,
  • take the Tolst Peak to the idyllic village of Svetina, where you can see the Church of Mary of Snow and the Church of the Holy Cross. On the local cemetery rests the famous Celje traveler and writer Alma M. Karlin,
  • descend through the gorge called the Devil's valley, which runs along and down the Devil's stream. The trail is extremely interesting because, with the help of pins and cables, you can drop down along the streams where you can see many waterfalls.
  • Visit the Old Castle of Celje, which once represented the largest fort in Slovenia,
  • in Pečovnik, on the outskirts of the city, at the beginning of the footpath leading to the Celje cottage there is the house of Alma M. Karlin, in which she spent her last years living with her friend. In it, you can see an exhibition titled "Alone M. Karlin's lonely journey."
  • or you can take a look at the town of Celje where you can visit a museum, gallery, castle or manor at every turn and of course many other cultural attractions.
The Celje cottage is also a long-standing destination for cyclists, but it is also the starting point for more or less demanding cycling trips and tours along the Kozjansko hill. Each recreationalist can choose the complexity of the route depending on his readiness and skills.
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Ski resort Celje cottage

The ski resort Celje cottage has more than 4 hectares, with the highest point Tolsti vrh at an altitude of 834 m. An upgraded tow line with a total capacity of 900 skiers per hour brings you to it. The ski resort is equipped with a modern artificial snowmaking system and lighting that allows night skiing. In addition to the ski slope, there is also a children's polygon with a 60-meter-long conveyor belt. Skiing courses for beginners take place during winter skiing holidays.
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Cuisine & Wellness

In the Celje Cottage restaurant, a delicious meal means more than just food and drink. It is an experience of a selected taste, in conjunction with a pleasant ambiance and helpful staff. Looking at the Celje basin, you will enjoy a wide variety of Slovenian dishes and culinary specialties, which will convince you to try them again and again. Let yourself be impressed with the selected flavors of dishes prepared in a modern but still domestic way.
After the recreation, you can relax and indulge yourself in the wellness center of the Hotel Celje Cottage, where there are Turkish and Finnish saunas, two massage pools and a mini fitness room.

Celjska koča, Pečovnik 31, 3000 Celje
T: +386 (0) 5 907 04 00,,

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